Preparations For Moving Into A New Neighbourhood

Preparations For Moving Into A New Neighbourhood

They say change is inevitable. Whether you like it or not, it will always come around. Therefore the best way is to get ready to embrace the change when it shows up. And it’s not different when it comes to changing a neighbouhood.

There are many reasons to consider when moving to a new neighbourhood:

1. Safety
Safety first, right? Though not as shiny a topic as those granite countertops, it’s a factor that’ll impact your sense of security the moment you unpack that first box. Use the information available at your fingertips — such as these five online tools that identify safety rates — to review quantitative data such as crime statistics, police activity, and neighborhood trends. Don’t let your safety be subjective.

Feel like you need to boost your home’s security to feel safe? Think through your options with MYMOVE’s home security guide.

2. Access to Care
Speaking of police, do you know how close the neighborhood is to a station? In times of disaster, proximity to help (beyond the distance to your favorite sub shop when dangerously hangry) will matter. Take note of the nearest police and fire stations, emergency rooms, and other relevant services to assess whether the neighborhood is close enough for comfort in the event of an emergency.

3. Convenience
Back to that mouthwatering sub shop. We don’t disagree: Closeness to restaurants, banks, grocery stores, and retail is a big deal. Think about what types of stores and businesses you frequent. Are you a Whole Foods junkie? Do your weekly family nights out require budget-friendly restaurants? A neighborhood conveniently located near a variety of retail options, as well as evidence more shops and businesses are being built, will boost home value if you decide to sell the home down the road.

4. Trees
Is the neighborhood brimming with trees or begging for the smallest bit of green? Trees do more than give a neighborhood charm and character. In fact, their role is fundamental in a community’s overall physical and mental health. Trees promote cleaner air, cooler streets, decreased stress, outdoor exercise, reduced noise, and conserved energy. An abundance of (healthy and well-maintained) trees indicate that a neighborhood is established.

5. Parks
A perk of having parks nearby or in the neighborhood? More trees. Another? Improved mental health and overall quality of life, according to the National Recreation and Parks Association. Parks can also help decrease the risk of obesity and chronic diseases. In fact, just 30 minutes spent in a green space has been said to lower blood pressure. Researching the neighborhood’s nearest national and state parks to get an understanding of how near or far the green spaces are.

6. Schools
Schools are an influential factor in home-buying decisions — so much so that 91% of prospective home buyers defined school boundaries as important in response to a survey. Don’t get schooled into thinking education is only relevant if you plan to have kids. Either way, the quality of nearby schools can impact the future sale price of the home. Use tools like to gauge local ratings.

7. Sidewalks
Something else to keep an eye out for is the prevalence of sidewalks. Are there any to begin with? If so, how wide are they? Sidewalks represent more than just walkability. They’re community connectors that can foster safety, social interaction, and exercise. Park your car and explore the neighborhood on foot to walk the walk yourself.

Preparations For Moving Into A New Neighbourhood

  1. Hire A professional moving company. You obviously don’t want to do all the relocation work yourself. Relocation can be stressful. Therefore hiring a professional moving company is going to be one of the best decision.
  2. Update your mailing address and subscriptions. We know it’s a pain, but to avoid surprises forward your mail at least 2 weeks before you move. Can’t live without your People Magazine or the tips from Better Homes and Gardens? Update your address early for any magazine and newspaper subscriptions you have.
  3. Clear your schedule and ask your friends for helpRequesting time off work is crucial when deciding how to best prepare for a move. Equally important is giving your friends and family plenty of notice if you need their help moving. Give them as much time as possible to set time aside for your move day.
  4. Prepare your new home security systemYou’re going to want to protect your new home as you prepare to move. If you have a home security system, be it a smart system or a traditional home security system, contact your provider as you prepare for your move. Let them know you’re moving and follow their instructions for setting up home security in your new place. Usually, you can pack up your DIY security system when you move, but you’ll need to set up a new system if your current one is professionally installed.
  5. Say goodbye to your current neighborhoodChanging neighborhoods can be exciting, but it can be hard to leave your favorite spots. Treat yourself to dinner at your favorite restaurant, get that coffee you crave, or throw yourself a moving-out party before you go. Saying goodbye to your neighborhood can add closure to a long-distance move and will help you unwind before the big move.
  6. Notify your landlordWhen deciding how to prepare for a move, don’t forget to provide notice to your landlord. They’ll usually contact you to find out whether you’re renewing your lease or not. But if they don’t, be sure to let them know 30-60 days prior to your move.
  7. Clean, paint, and fumigateIt’s much easier to clean and paint before your home is full, so make sure it’s in tip-top shape before move-in day. Hire cleaning services and fumigation company to do the work for you
  8. Find essential businesses near youMoving is hectic and if something goes wrong, you want to be ready. To be safe, locate the nearest urgent care facility and pharmacy in your new area. If you’re moving long distance, find new doctors and dentists before you need them so you know who to call when the time comes.
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